Tuesday, July 14, 2015

'Forest rich' poor states vrs 'Forest poor' rich states!

Odisha' shows good compensatory afforestation records, Gujurat fails to compensate even a single tree it cut -

Statistics say it all. Believe a CAG report of 2014 and you would know that afforestation has happened in only 7 per cent of lands as against the target of 1,03,390 hectares where trees should have been planted since 2002 under the compensatory afforestation schemes.

The state of environment report of CSE finds out Gujurat and six other states (Haryana, Kerala, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Punjab and Rajasthan) did not plant a single tree against what they cut all these years. While many states lagged behind only Odisha and Assam showed high level of afforestation, this report says.

Well, while these are statistics only and the reality is surely different as we have seen in the grassroots. However, the so called rich and developed states have failed compensating forests even in statistics!

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