Thursday, July 23, 2015

Farmer suicides haunt Odisha!

In Odisha: a farmer ends life each 3 and half days, a daily wage labour commits suicide each one and half days, and an unemployed youth takes self life each day.

This is figure for 2014 by the National Crime Records Bureau. This is only statistics, the reality may be more shameful to learn. However it doesn't fail to show us the fact that the current development model has failed the poor and needy...

The stats: Suicides in 2014 (for state of Odisha)

Total number of suicides: 4160 (1832 F, 2328 M)

Farmer suicides: 102 (4 Females) (5 land owners, 97 sharecroppers and agricultural labours)

Daily wage labours: 205

Unemployed Youths: 360

Ranjan Panda
Convenor, Water Initiatives Odisha
Mahanadi River Waterkeeper (Member, Global Waterkeeper Alliance, New York)
Mob: +91-94370-50103

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