Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fishermen out, Industries in: The Hirakud Reservoir case!

Thousands of fishermen families can go to hell: A few Industries have the right over Hirakud Reservoir -

Privatization of Hirakud Reservoir is killing local fishermen. Take for example the case of two industries, Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. and Bhusan Steels & Power Ltd.  

They are drawing water through intake wells from deep inside the reservoir.  However, they have illegally cordoned a bigger stretch of the reservoir with their security forces.  

This has restricted the entry of local fishermen into the reservoir from that area.  Ironically these fishermen had been displaced by the Dam 67 years ago and have been depending on fishery from the reservoir for their livelihood. 

The industries have proved to be bane in another aspect as well.  The reservoir is highly polluted due to them and that has reduced the fish population drastically already.  Repeated plea before authorities by the poor folks have gone unheard.

Ranjan Panda
Mahanadi River Waterkeeper
Mob: +91-9437050103

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