Monday, July 13, 2015

Die a holy death and get an insurance cover worth half a million!

Wondering if this Rath Yatra would be a good season to die in Puri. Insurance for accidental deaths including drowning has been increased from .1 million to half a million rupees. I am sure the incomplete drains, disastrous sewer network and other half way through infrastructure would be a good cause of drowning, more probable if it rains during the festival when millions will be crowding the city.

And well, death due to adulterated food and contaminated water should also be covered under this insurance scheme that is available to pilgrims between July 17 and July 30.

Then, the temple administration couldn't complete the Effluent Treatment Plant by June 30 deadline. Lord Jagannath may eat clean( I m not sure though) prashad but bhakts have to bear the brunt of untreated kitchen waste from his temple. Mind it, no small kitchen this. It generates 50 KL of waste water daily.

It is said a death can't be holier than when it happens it in the Dhams!

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