Monday, July 25, 2016

Pledge Your Support Now! for Mahanadi River Peace Initiative... Ranjan Panda

Please pledge your Support

Mahanadi River Basin Peace Building Initiative 

Dear Friends/Co-sailors,

As you are aware, the ‘Mahanadi River Waterkeeper,’ Odisha has initiated a unique citizen driven initiative to resolve

Inter-State Water Conflict over Mahanadi.

The ‘Nadi Ghati Morcha,’ Chhattisgarh has already pledged its support to this initiative and has assured to help us in their state.

This is perhaps going to be the first of its kind civil society initiative in the nation that aims at involving citizens, experts, politicians, academia, media and all those interested to save Mahanadi from a dispute that is brewing between Odisha and Chhattisgarh.

At the core of our initiative is a demand for ‘Dialogue’ as none of the river disputes has ever been resolved in the country by resorting to conflicts. 

We have already had an initial meeting after which this initiative was rolled out.  On 5th of August, we are proposing a coordination meeting and press meet to delve into the strategy. 

This letter is to request you to please pledge for your support to this unique voluntary citizen driven initiative.  You may give us individual endorsement or an institutional one.  We will list that for the 5th meeting.

On the 5th of August, we will come out with a strategy to involve citizens at a larger level and build a plan to engage withboth the states to start a dialogue.  We shall also chalk out plans to support the dialogue process with further research, fact finding, civil society actions and other such methods.

Alike our other campaigns, this is also a voluntary initiative dependent on support of all of you.  We are hopeful you will realise the importance of this timely unique effort and extend your cooperation. 

Request you to please write back  giving the following information, confirming you pledge your support.  We shall soon be creating a campaign page, list and other media to make the engagement more vibrant. 



Mobile No:

Email id:

We would request you to pass this information to all who you think would be interested to be part of this effort and support it. 

Thanking you,

Ranjan Panda

Mahanadi River Waterkeeper
Convenor, Water Initiatives Odisha

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Ranjan Panda, popularly known as the ‘Water Man of Odisha’ has been championing the cause of water conservation and management for more than 25 Years now. He has been designated in 2013 as ‘Mahanadi River Waterkeeper’ by New York based global Waterkeeper Alliance for his constant endeavours towards conservation of river Mahanadi. He also convenes the Water Initiatives Odisha (WIO), the leading network of organisations and individuals working for more than two decades in the state of Odisha on water, environment and climate change.

Mahanadi River Waterkeeper organisation works to conserve Mahanadi River’s ecosystem so that all communities and other species dependent on it have access to clean water for today and forever in a sustainable manner. It is based at the Water Initiatives Odisha. Mahanadi River Waterkeeper is member of the global Waterkeeper Alliance based out of New York!

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