Saturday, July 30, 2016

Latest Update from Mahanadi Peace Initiative: Ranjan Panda on 30th July 2016

Dear Friends/Co-sailors,

Greetings from Mahanadi River Waterkeeper!

The 'Mahanadi River Basin Peace Initiative' that we started on 21st of this month, in order to advocate for peace and a coordinated dialogue between Odisha and Chhattisgarh over the health of the river, has been getting exciting response from across the nation as well as abroad.  

We thank you all who have already endorsed this unique initiative and request all who have not yet endorsed, to kindly do so asap by sending in an one liner.  

This email is to quickly update you about some of the developments so far.

1. Please read my article titled 'Mahanadi needs peace, not conflicts' published in the Big Wire at

2. As we progress towards the campaign strategy meeting scheduled for 5th August at Sambalpur, we have already organised two public/coordinatoin meetings at Bargarh and Sonepur (for two riparian districts including Boudh). In both the places we have got encouraging response from people and new ideas have emerged.  We shall be discussing all the ideas and finalize the campaign strategy on 5th.

3. We are planning more district level meetings as well.

4. We are already discussing with MPs and MLAs of various political parties about the initiative and have got positive responses so far.  

5. The media have been generously supporting us and the issue is getting good coverage so far. 

6. A tripartite meeting was organised between the two riparian states and central government on 29th July and a beginning has already been made by the governments.  We are hopeful our timely advocacy can bring together the states further closer for a healthy dialogue. 

This much for now.  We shall keep you updated as the campaign progresses.

Request you also to send in ideas for the campaign that we can discuss on the 5th.

And again, please send in your endorsements if you have not done so far!!!

Look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Thanks and regards,


Ranjan K Panda

Mahanadi River Waterkeeper

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Ranjan Panda, popularly known as the ‘Water Man of Odisha’ has been championing the cause of water conservation and management for more than 25 Years now. He has been designated in 2013 as ‘Mahanadi River Waterkeeper’ by New York based global Waterkeeper Alliance for his constant endeavours towards conservation of river Mahanadi. He also convenes the Water Initiatives Odisha (WIO), the leading network of organisations and individuals working for more than two decades in the state of Odisha on water, environment and climate change.

Mahanadi River Waterkeeper organisation works to conserve Mahanadi River’s ecosystem so that all communities and other species dependent on it have access to clean water for today and forever in a sustainable manner. It is based at the Water Initiatives Odisha. Mahanadi River Waterkeeper is member of the global Waterkeeper Alliance based out of New York!

Mahanadi River Basin Peace Building Initiative has been started on 21st July 2016 between ‘Mahanadi River Waterkeeper’  and ‘Nadi Ghati Morcha (Raipur)’ to initiate a citizen driven initiative to resolve Inter-State Water Conflict over Mahanadi. We have already got endorsements from many individuals and organisations from across the country and world for this Peace Initiative. Looking for more support. Please join hands!!

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