Monday, February 23, 2015

Real Life Chili: the latest in my Common-o-n-sense series!

I have extensively travelled in different parts of the world, have met people from all walks of life.  Attended hundreds of meetings and heard some of the greatest minds that matter.  None have attracted me as much as the common person, be it the one who begs on the street or the one who pulls a cycle rickshaw for a living.  Wisdom shelters there, sense prevails in their talks.  Most of them, I repeat most of them, have humanitarian values still alive.  Well, being below the survival margins may have helped them in this.  They have no money to be spoiled, but lack of it has not demonized them either.  They struggle each moment with their lives, but have not corrupted their minds as yet.  Whenever they speak, they teach an important lesson of life.  They are what they have lived; no puzzle, no hypocrisy.

Amazed by their great words of wisdom and experience, I have decided to borrow quotes from my conversations with many of these real common persons of the world.  I don’t remember names of most of these invisible human beings, but can’t escape the powerful messages they have shared with me.

O’ real common person, I have learnt from you a lot.  Time to spread it among friend humans.  I know many of your common sense sound nonsensical to the people in power, who occupy the positions that influence your lives and their situations. However, I am sure, the reality of life is best taught by you and has to reach there – sooner than later….

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