Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Met Cheryl Colopy, author of Dirty, Sacred Rivers...

Last year, when I read the review of the book 'Dirty, Sacred Rivers: Confronting South Asia's Water Crisis' in downtoearth, got tempted to buy that immediately. However, had problems with finances as my budget for books in that month was already overspent. Kept on listing the book in subsequent months but the purchase never materialized for this or the other reason. The wait ended during my Kathmandu trip and in a style. Got the book as a gift from none else than the author herself. I could not have aspired for any more actually. So happy...

Thanks Cheryl Colopy, for giving to us such a wonderful account of your encounter with the Ganges.


  1. Wonderful dfriend but I hope some day you write on great book so.....blessings...¡ :D

  2. I am hoping so as well my dear friend. Thanks for your well wishes always. God bless.