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CDM and NAMA Update as on 1st September 2014!

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FYI a latest update (as on 1st September) from the cdmpipeline and namapipeline websites.

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CDM news:

In August 8 new CDM projects were submitted. Four of these projects were hosted by India, 2 from Brazil, 1 from Bangladesh, and 1 from Lao PDR. In addition 2 projects from India and 1 from Zambia were resubmitted.

17 CDM projects got their registration action in August, bringing the total number of registered CDM project up to 7554, or 87% of the 8690 of the CDM projects that are alive. Only 1126 projects are still at validation and 10 have requested registration.

For 1859 CDM projects the DOEs terminated validation, and for 267 the DOEs gave a negative validation. 270 projects were rejected by the EB, and 63 projects were withdrawn.

August had a monthly issuance of 7.8 MCERs. The total issuance is now 1480 MCERs.  The average issuance success is 89.5%.

According to the "Annual compilation and accounting report for Annex B Parties under the Kyoto Protocol for 2013" FCCC/KP/CMP/2013/6 the total Voluntary Cancellation until the end of 2012 was 4.9 MCERS, and it could easily be the double now. Since the Voluntary Cancelations in the central registry is now 1.1 MCERs, the Voluntary cancelation in the national registries must be around 10 MCERs. However, it is secret how much was canceled for which projects in the national registries.

We have added a new table 7 at the bottom of the "Analysis2" sheet shoving the number of CDM projects using the SD-tool in each host country for each CDM type. The SD-Tool has now been used for 13 CDM projects (4 of these are PoAs).

In the PDD templates the section B8 showing, which the PDD consultants were, was deleted in March 2012. The UNFCCC has now (after EB80) reinserted this information in all the new PDD formats (for some in the monitoring section).

Since some CDM projects have submitted request for renewal into the 3rd crediting period, we have added a new column in the "CDM_project" sheet with the name "3rd period ktCO2e/yr" showing the average expected GHG reduction in this 7 year period.

We have added a new sheet called "TOC_Analysis" containing a Table Of Content for all the many tables and charts in the Analysis sheet. Click on the title of the table or chart you want to see and the macro will bring you there.

We have added a new column in the "Analysis" sheet called "Host country use". In this column you can now see the 128 Chinese CDM projects that have applied to be registered in the domestic pilot compliance market (they are marked with the text "CCER val.". In total 270 projects have been submitted to the Chinese domestic pilot compliance market until now. 16 of these projects are registered (recorded) in the Chinese system and 14 have got CCERs issued. We have added 4 new columns in the the far right-hand side of the "CDM_Project" sheet showing the issuance of CCERs and the credit period for these projects.

PoA news:

Two new PoAs were submitted in August:
"Accelerating Electrification through Grid Extension and Off-Grid Electrification in Rural Areas of Uganda" and
"Programme of Activities for Fossil Natural Gas Substitution by Renewable Natural Gas Produced from Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Waste in Brazil"

Subtracting the 42 PoAs that the DOEs terminated validation of, the 3 PoAs rejected by the EB, the 3 PoAs withdrawn, and the 22 resubmitted PoAs we now have 390 PoAs in the Pipeline: 123 at validation, 5 have requested registration, and 262 are registered.

6 new CPAs were submitted in August for 4 PoAs:
"Tanzania Renewable Energy Programme" got 1 new CPA,
"Promotion of renewable energy generation in India- Programme of Activities" got 2 new CPA.
"PoA on RE" in India got 2 new CPAs, and
"Nepal Biogas Support Program-PoA" got 1 CPA.

We have added a new column in table 2 and 5 in the "PoAanalysis" sheet. It shows how many CPAs have been submitted by each host country, and how many CPAs have used each sub-type. In total 1806 CPAs exist hosted by 64 countries.

We have added 2 small tables in the "PoAanalysis" sheet showing the top 10 most active host countries by the number of submitted PoAs, or CPAs. we also added 2 tables showing the most popular sub-types by number of submitted PoAs, or CPAs.

One PoAs had issuance of CERs in August.
"Small-Scale Renewable Energy PoA in Thailand" got 12.783 kCERs for the first of its CPAs. The total issuance from the 8 PoAs with issuance is now 0.8 MCERs.

JI news:

No new JI projects were submitted in August.

Excluding the 26 withdrawn projects and 1 rejected project the JIPipeline contains 761 projects (555 in track 1 and 206 in track 2).

No JI projects had issuance in August.

The total sale of hot air is estimated to be 453 Million AAUs

NAMApipeline news: see

The UNFCCC NAMA Registry can be accessed by the public at the webpage:

Two new NAMAs were submitted in August:

"Energy Efficiency in Public Sector" from Dominican Republic, and
We welcome Sudan in the NAMAPipeline with their NAMAs: "Development of a feed-in tariff NAMA for renewable energy".

This information is used as input to our NAMAPipeline, which now contains 53 NAMAs (including 1 NAMA that was withdrawn) and 10 support programmes.

We had added a new column in table 1 in the "Analysis" sheet showing the annual GHG reduction in 2020 in reported in the NAMAs. The total GHG reduction reported from all the NAMA are now 59 MtCO2e. Another column in the same table shows that the total request for financial assistance is 5042 MUS$.
Source: Email from Joergen Fenhann, Rasmus Saldern Antonsen and Thor Nyborg Bendsen, UNEP DTU

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