Friday, July 25, 2014

Why we should never throw rotten tomato at corrupt, non-performing and fraud politicians?

Rotten tomato, once used to be thrown at ill performances and bad politicians, is now a delicacy.

A friend just called me from a village in Deogarh district. His father has died and tomorrow is the Ganga Shraddha feast (the closing ritual that ends with a feast). He tried to buy tomato from Deogarh and nearby areas but found it too costly at Rs.80/- a kilogram. He is now trying to get 'any quality' tomato as he cannot afford the above price. I tried it with a whole seller of Gole Bazar market at Sambalpur, who has offered me Rs.50/- a kilo but with a condition. 'Bhai, please promise that you won't scold me for the quality,' said he. Now the choice is mine. Or, do I really have a choice?

Such are difficult situations actually. My friend's feast is not possible without tomato, and I cannot help him in any other ways than sending low grade tomato. Half rotten, half good to be specific.

The governments have made us compromise our lives in so many senses. Or is it a revenge being taken by all those politicians who have received 'rotten tomato welcome' in the past?

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