Monday, May 20, 2013

Protecting a pond at any cost

Visited Jharsuguda city to support a group of local people who are trying to revive/restore a pond (surface water harvesting structure) fighting against a powerful real estate lobby that is trying to convert the water body into a commercial plot.  The protection committee for ‘Sri Mahaprabhu Bandh’ (name of the water body) group, most of whom are businessmen and senior citizens, were sitting on a ‘hunger strike’ demonstration in front of the police station demanding support of police and administration in the revival work.  The administration and police initiated talks with them and they decided to end fast after I visit them and support their cause.  I along with a team of Water Initiatives Odisha volunteers went there today and the people who had been fasting since Friday under a 45-57 Degree C sun ended their fast, with a vow to continue the agitation till they protect this pond from dying. 

We are happy to be of some help to this noble cause.

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