Friday, May 17, 2013

ADB and Water WIO Update - 18th May 2013!

Dear Friends/Co-sailors,

Greetings from Water Initiatives Odisha!

As you are aware, we have been looking into ADB, World Bank and other IFIs and their involvement in water for quite some time now.  We have also been updating you occasionally about news and reports from the projects/policies these IFIs are involved with. 

With this update, which still continues to be occasional, we are trying to streamline the effort of updating you with ADB's involvement in water in Asia.  The structure of this will be currently loose and will only provide links of projects and events as we source from ADB and news from other sources.  

However, we will gradually develop it to a formatted version with news, analysis and other features.  The basic aim of this update is to raise issues and debates around ADB's involvement in water in the region and the related impacts.  

WIO is an informal network with no funding support. We contribute to the activities voluntarily from our own earnings and also pool in other friends'/well wishers' voluntary contribution of time and resources.  If you find this initiative a worthy one and would like to contribute to this in anyway, please do come forward.  We need more people, more support.

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P.S.  Are you interested to be part of our new campaign "Healthy Rivers, Happy Cities"?  If yes, please contact us and we would be happy to take you on board. 


ADB and Water
WIO Update - 18th May 2013!  

Flood Damage Emergency Reconstruction Project: First Annual Environmental
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