Monday, April 29, 2013

Thought on Police Brutaity at Lower Suktel Dam Project site:

The crime that the police does in not registering cases against rape victims and harassing/beating up protesters in Delhi, it does in Lower Suktel Dam Project and several other areas by brutally beating up the helpless farmers and other common people. What hurts is the 'urban middle class' which terms itself as educated and aware has no conscience to be disturbed by this growing trend. Such incidences of 'development terrorism' are easily ignored under the cover of ' crushing protests against development projects'. Shame!

Can anyone ask why Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi or any other big politician or industrialist be provided security cover by the state/govt. (people's) money when they are capable enough to buy their own security. If someone needs any security then they are the villagers, poor farmers and others who are fighting against a brutally armed mighty police force in many such areas.

Can we not debate this as 'development'? Or, development to us necessarily means 'killing poor people for benefit of the rich; and destroying ecology for greed of a few?'

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