Monday, April 15, 2013

Photo Contest: Healthy River, Happy Children!

Healthy River, Happy Children!!

Are you a young photographer/photo enthusiast? 
Are you concerned about the decaying health of Rivers of Odisha?
Are you worried about our children not getting healthy Rivers to play and groom their childhood?

If answer to the above questions is YES, then you are invited to participate in a FIRST of its kind photo contest for young photographers interested to capture the relationship between Rivers and our Children. 

Water Initiatives Odisha (WIO), in collaboration with Photophilics International (PI) invite young photographers of Odisha to participate in a photographic contest as per the following terms and conditions:

1.            The photographs should capture the relationship that children of the state of Odisha share with the Rivers of Odisha. The contest centres around the theme “Healthy River, Happy Children”. 
2.            The photographs should be able to show: i. the joys and happiness of children in relation to Rivers; ii. The impact of pollution on Rivers and related impacts over children; and iii. Initiatives taken up by individuals or organisations/groups to save Rivers that has helped develop relationship of Children with Rivers.
3.            The participants must be in the age group of 15 – 40.
4.            The photographs will only be accepted in print copies of size 12-18.
5.            A photographer can submit a maximum of 4 photograph under each of the three themes described above in Point 2. 
6.            A photographer can chose to submit photos on any/all themes. Each photo should have the following details in a separate piece of paper: a. Name, b. Age, c. Sex, d. Complete postal address with cell phones and email ids, e. Theme under which a particular photo is submitted and f. Title/Caption for the photo, if any.
7.            The photographer must enclose envelops with suitable postage stamp for return of the photos.  The organisers will not be responsible for any damage of the pictures in transit. 
8.            The photographs can be edited but in a minimum manner. 
9.            The photograph must be the original work of the photographer.  Any disputes raising out of the photographs shall be the liability of the photographer and not the organizers.
10.          WIO & PI will have the right to exhibit the photos selected with proper acknowledgement. 
11.          The winners will be intimated over phone/email id. 
12.          While winners of First, Second and Third positions will get Prizes/cash rewards, all participants will get Certificates.
13.          There is no participation fees.
14.            Participation will not necessarily guarantee awards and the organizers will not be liable for any explanations for rejections of any photograph.
15.          The photographs should be sent in sealed envelopes with appropriate protection.  The envelopes should be superscribed with “Photos for ‘Healthy Rivers, Happy Children’ competition’, and should be sent to the following address:

Photophilics International
C/o: Hotel Sujata, V. S. S. Marg, Sambalpur – 768 001, Odisha, INDIA.
Cell numbers: +91-9437060727/9437050103


For further details, contact:

Ranjan Panda, Convenor, WIO. Cell: +91-94370-50103. Email:
Shaswat Padhi, President, PI.  Cell: +91-94370-60727. Email:

This photo contest is part of a larger campaign that aims at building a healthy relationship between the urban communities and Rivers/Water Bodies. Several Organisations and Individuals have come forward to be part of this campaign.  A few to name are: ONE DROP, Bakul Foundation, Yuva Udayan, Nadi Ghati Morcha (Raipur), Hotel Sujata and Sakshi Handlooms.  Anyone concerned about health of Rivers and interested to be a part of this campaign may please contact Ranjan Panda, Convenor, WIO at the above email id/mobile number.

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  1. Its appreciable,after all we all related with nature. river has an important role directly or indirectly with our daily life.children are not getting a healthy river environment as we were getting earlier.pollution rate is so high,if we not try to check it,we will completely loss our river culture.