Friday, February 23, 2018

Traditional Water Harvesting Structures can fight water insecurity and climate change!

The world is now searching for solutions to water crisis that is being aggravated by climate change.  Here in this part of Odisha, the people have given some of the best solutions rainwater conservation for centuries. Apathy of the government over the last several decades has however weakened such marvels called the Traditional Water Harvesting Structures (TWHS).  This news in the New Indian Express rightly highlights the plight of these structures that are found in different sizes and at various geographical locations.  We have, through our constant efforts, proven that revival of the TWHS can play a significant role in fighting water scarcity as well as building climate resilient villages.  Time we all tune our attention towards these indigenous systems!

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Ranjan Panda
Combat Climate Change Network, India
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