Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mahanadi River Waterkeeper's 'World Water Day' Actions:

Happy to share with you a list of activities we are engaged in today at the Mahanadi River.

Our Actions of the Day!

1. Morning:

Discussion (pre-recorded) at All India Radio (AIR), Cuttack.

Half day long interaction with school children at Vikash School, Sambalpur.

2. Evening:

Discussion with villagers living on the vicinity of Hirakud Reservoir who have been deprived of water supply and other basic amenities despite sacrificing their lands and livelihood for the Dam half a century ago.  This will lead to an action plan to provide them justice.

Live TV discussion at 9 to 10 pm on Coal Pollution of Mahanadi and inter-state dispute issues due to NTPC's Lara TPP.

One more live TV discussion on Mahanadi waters. (time yet to be confirmed).

My Article on WWD:

This World Water Day, I dedicate my column in Big Wire to discuss about the abuse and discrimination faced by the Dalits (the untouchables) of India while accessing drinking water for their families.

Please read my latest published opinion piece to know how hyperbolic debates around the hypothetical Bharat Mata (Mother India) does not serve any real purpose, nor does the real India at the grassroots has been able to end the real life discrimination faced by the traditionally deprived communities of India.  Modern India, unfortunately, is no different.


This day, let's pledge to work towards ending all forms of water discrimination and divisions to be able to achieve a water equitable society.

Happy Water Day!
Stay Water Secured!!

Thanks and regards,


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