Wednesday, February 10, 2016

When humans depend on guns to buy peace!

It is said India spends somewhere between 200-300 million USD per year and Pakistan about 50-60 million USD per year to guard the world's highest and most difficult Siachen glacier, where no one stays and where it is almost difficult to do anything. And both the countries are spending this since 1984.

So, in about 34 years India and Pakistan together must have spent between 8500 and 12,240 million USD just to guard a glacial border.

And, that is not it. A news site claims, The Siachen Glacier has engulfed over 8,000 Indian and Pakistani soldiers between April 1984 and April 2012. All soldiers who are deployed in this glacier face acute problems both during and post deployment.

Imagine if we had a better, peace loving world, which respected humanity more than war; what would have happened with this huge amount of money spent by two poor countries of the world!!

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