Friday, June 26, 2015

Evolution Theory's New Catch: How a Monkey gives birth to a Butterfly!!!

My little darling daughter Khushi (Prakriti), studying in standard 7th, always surprises me with her imaginations. Last night was a bit different as she came up with a whole new evolution theory.

She said, "Papa, after doing a lot of thinking I have reached to this conclusion that a Monkey can give birth to a Butterfly." Surprised, I asked, "how?"

Khushi: "See, you are a Monkey but I am a Butterfly." Explaining further, she said, "you belong to the Monkey class but girls are like butterflies - colorful and always wanting to fly."

My sweet little princess, you are really amazing. I just wish that you continue viewing life like that and live one with liberty and flying colors. God bless!

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