Monday, December 22, 2014

Mahanadi Pollution Tweets: 10.30 am, 23rd Dec -

Why should the gupchup (golgappa) thelas be punished for the fault of administration? It is duty of the govt to provide clean water to these petty roadside vendors as well. If their food is unhygienic then what the food inspectors have been doing so far? Instead of asking the poor vendors to stop selling, govt must find out a way to make them sell hygienic food.

I am reminded of the incidence when farmers and common people demanded Hindalco's plant be stopped for sometime as it was unable to control pollution from it's smelter pots and fly ash dumps which had already taken a heavy toll. Then the administration made out all efforts to convince the people that no production should be stopped because it involves livelihood of the people. Ministers of the state government argued in TV debates, I was part of, for the company.

In case of the poor road side vendors, the livelihood issue does not count for the administration?

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