Thursday, June 12, 2014

Desert is already a reality in Odisha?

In 2007, we at Water Initiatives Odisha (WIO) had warned that Odisha is turning a desert and the process may take about 150 years. This year's summer proves, it may be sooner. Degraded land, deforested landscapes and deserted water bodies coupled with chemical, organic and other pollution from thermal power plants, mining, aluminum smelters and urban habitations have been the culprit.

People at Sambalpur today complained that even coolers are not working as because the air goes complete still at day time.

Time we think green and re-invent our landscapes. Buying Air Conditioners can't buy you a cool weather always and everywhere. And remember, AC themselves add to local and global warming.

Let's act before we live in a Desert!!

Support River Conservation... Support Restoration of Water Bodies... Support Forestry.... Support Pollution Control Measures....

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