Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vote for Sure! A request to fellow Indian citizens...

I can only request you to vote for individuals, or else use NOTA:

Dear friends, by now we know most of the parties are indulged in wrong and illegal practices to fetch votes. The fact that we hardly have any choice in our electoral system disturbs us. But we have to vote.

My sincere request to all my friends is to vote by applying their mind while voting. Please make it sure, as much as you can judge, not to vote any communal, criminal, corrupt and corporate puppet.

Please try to vote for good people, those who you feel represent common people, irrespective of party lines.

If you don't think any contestant is fit to represent you in the Assembly and/or Parliament, better use the NOTA option.

The system won't change unless we start infusing some goodness into it.

Let's start our bit of positive action! Let's vote for good people!!


Good luck India! Good luck Democracy!!

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