Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You are right, Mr. President! Govt. is not a charity shop...

Dear President of Govt. of India,

Yes, you are very true, govt. is not a charity shop.

Please stop staying in that lavish and palatial President House that runs with hundreds of crores of public money at the cost of welfare schemes of the poor and common people of India.

Please stop all the charity being done to the Ministers, MPs, IAS officers and above all Corporate Houses at the cost of public welfare and necessities.

Please stop the VIP and VVIP culture in this country. Stop giving free passes to Netas and Babus in entry into everything that happens. Please ask the Ministers, IAS officers and other biggies in the government to buy tickets, as the common people of this country do, to see Taj Mahal, Konark Temple and all other such places and functions.

Please stop buying helicopters for travel of VIPs and VVIPs. Ask them to travel in public transport.

Please ensure treatment of all these VIPs and VVIPs in public hospitals and spend the amount spent in their foreign and private treatments in improving our public health facilities.

Please, please, please.... for democracy sake.... please stop this 'charity' dolled out to the rich at the cost of the poor and common public....

(In response to the President of India's Republic Day speech - 26th January 2014.  The President, as I could make out, referred to welfare schemes dolled out by political parties for poor and common people)

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