Sunday, September 8, 2013

Indian cities getting alarmingly water scarce!

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For today's pick, I am sharing a news that is going to be the regular affair in this country hence forth.  This is especially because our cities are growing at the cost of all natural resources, villages and the poor.  

Even though I doubt the correctness of the statistics given in this news and have all my reasons to believe that the water availability situation is much worse in Indian cities, this is an alarming bell for sure.

What is more dangerous in this nation is that more water scarce the city become, more water they draw from villages.  They would hardly bother to be water sufficient in the cities themselves.  They kill all their rivers, water bodies and then kill all that from nearby by and far off villages and forests.  

This has to be stopped.  India has to wake up and stop the way cities are growing.  Cities have to have their own water resources to progress and sustain.

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