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Indians dumping endosulfan in Nepal! Let's stop this!!

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Forwarding for your interest this disturbing news (pasted below) which says Indian manufacturers are channeling out the banned endosulfan to Nepal.  Also, other harmful pesticides.

There should be joint action between Indian and Nepalese groups to stop this killer business.

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Banned insectides easy to buy in Kavre


BANEPA, Aug 13: Even though the Nepal government has imposed a ban on the import and production of endosulfan and other pesticides, local agricultural input stores in the markets of Kavrepalanchowk district are openly selling these products to locals.

Indian fertilizer companies have been making these insecticides easily available in the Nepal market despite their being restricted in India also. On May 13, 2011, the Indian supreme court had placed a ban on the production and sale of endosulfan.

The Nepal government has claimed that 15 products including endosulfan are markedly harmful.

“As per a previous pact, endosulfan products still available in the market after their prohibition should have been used up within two years´ time, but no one has complied with that,” said a former registar at the Pesticide Registration and Management Division in Kavre.

Most of the endosulfan products available at Janakpur Nepal Agro Centre are labeled as products of Excel Crop Air Ltd, an Indian company, it is learnt.

“The regulation in effect has had no effect on the business, which is flourishing even more these days. In addition, lack of proper monitoring has also led to an increase in the sale of these pesticides in the district,” added the registar.

Talking to Republica, Chairperson of the Division Rajiv Das Bhandari clearly admitted the ongoing irregularities and the lack of attempts to discourage them.

“We lack enough manpower for a complete monitoring of the situation. Had locals complied with the law and understood the danger in using the substance, this day would never have come,” said Bhandari.

Similar is the case of another harmful pesticide, amulium phosphate. This product is still entering Nepal despite a government prohibition on its manufacture and sale. The Central Insecticide Board in India has also banned the production of Amulium phosphate products.

According to Kavre police, the number of suicide cases involving the consuming of pesticides has increased rapidly in the last two years.

Dhulikhel Hospital has encountered around 150 patients admitted there for treatment after consuming poisonous pesticide products.

“Such cases have definitely increased in recent years,” said emergency in-charge at Dhulikhel Hospital, Dr Sanu Shrestha.

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