Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Hirakud Water Walk: A decaying reservoir of a dying river

Yesterday(23rd June 2013) we made a visit to the Hirakud dam reservoir's right dyke to see the plight of a 'decaying reservoir of a dying river'.  Losing its might due to blind diversion of water for industries, the reservoir lets you walk through it for miles.  And as you enter the reservoir you feel like walking over it; you virtually win over the water.  The situation makes you recall the mythological story of Lord Krishna when Vasudev carried little Krishna through Yamuna. A flooded Yamuna carved the way for him.  Here, however, a deserted reservoir gives you an obstacle free entry into it. And as you wander around the place you cross vast stretches of lawns that can be converted into many soccer fields; hordes of livestock grazing inside a reservoir which is supposed to be all water; boats parked helplessly without any fate of sailing; and the pools of water formed in deep patches being used by locals for bathing.  A delayed monsoon and govt.'s love for industries is killing Hirakud for sure.

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