Tuesday, January 1, 2013

End Development Terrorism from the World

Take a Pledge in 2013 
End Development Terrorism from the world 

Executing any so called development project by forcefully asking people to leave their home lands and livelihoods can be called development terrorism.  Development terrorists, to woo the affected people, can go to the extent of preparing false 'impact assessment reports' and tom-tom about manipulated & exaggerated positive impacts about a project; and if nothing of this works to displace project affected people from their line-line resources, kill them in several ways. 

Let 2013 see a new beginning.  Let the so called civilized and modern society find ways to promote development that is inclusive, equitable and righteous; that does not have to kill one segment of people to benefit another segment.  Let this development model consider and respect both common people and ecology as living entities; and not as mere commodities to be traded for development of the so called mainstream order. 

Lets take this resolution this New Year! Lets counter Development Terrorism!!


  1. Rather Than directly saying Development Terrorism, we can say Terrorism in the name of Development.This is because Development is not about terrorism or Terrorism is not about Development.