Friday, November 23, 2012

Performance Linked Pay for Teachers: Questions to Govt. of Odisha

The Government of Odisha, while offering 60% Block Grant (very controversial and I cannot understand this mathematics, so don't ask me what is this.  Just remember its peanuts) to school teachers, has put a condition.  If the pass percentage of the children reduces their salary will also go down.  So, its a 'fluctuating pay' offer.

Now, can I ask the government the following questions:

1.  Can you reduce the salary of the staff of Water Resources department of the state because the per capita water availability of water in the state has gone down by more than 70 per cent in five decades?

2.  Can you reduce the salary of the staff of Forests and Environment department because our forest coverage has gone down by almost 50 per cent in the last half century and dense forest cover in the state has almost vanished?  Also because the pollution load of the state has grown by thousands of times.

3.  Can you reduce the salary of the staff of the Agriculture Department because millions of farmers are leaving farming and thousands are committing suicide due to degradation of the conditions and compensations?

4.  Why are you hell bent to kill the future of the children of the common people of the state who these teachers teach?  Is it a conspiracy to kill the already public education system in favour of the 'education business' your Corporate Masters are owning and promoting in the state??

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