Saturday, September 15, 2012

C +++ = New Blood Group discovered in India !!

Democracy in India has become a conspiracy to keep the corrupt in power.  In this the Ruling Party rules the country, its Alliances keep blackmailing it for their shares, and the opposition utilizes each wrong decision of the rulers to show its presence and then sleep again.

None of them want an election.  Reason, it costs crores to hold one.  It’s a different matter that the so called ‘consistency’ costs the country hundreds of elections in just 5 years.

Why can’t we afford 5 elections in 5 years and save huge money from being siphoned off by the ‘consistent corrupts’?

By the way why 2G, Commonwealth, Coalgate and how FDI in Retail, nothing wakes us up?  Are we all corrupt??  Has our blood group changed to C+++ ???

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