Monday, January 31, 2011

Black Day for India's Environment!

As Jairam Ramesh, our so called Environment Minister succumbs to the pressure of huge foreign investment, and  sells out the Environment for a company's profit, I have only to say the following:

Come POSCO, come VEDANTA... 
come.. come the WORLD.. 
Our FORESTS, our WATER, our AIR and our PEOPLE are on a SALE. 
We have got a perfect SALESMAN in our very own JAIRAM RAMESH... 
Come take the opportunity, 
take our ENVIRONMENT, 
just give some crores to Party Funds and 
to kiths and kins of the politicians....


  1. Sad state of affairs. His constituency should recall him.

  2. I would still think Jairam Ramesh is truly trying, how many environment ministers have you seen in the past standing up even once...this must have been tooo much pressure. Unless we as a people rise above our selfish existence nothing can happen. We have to fight and the government will follow...