Monday, November 22, 2010

NDTV Green Awards.

Dear Friends and Well Wishers,


I am happy to share with you that the NDTV (one of India's premier news channels) just informed me that I am one of the finalists for NDTV's first national Greenies Award.  

The NDTV 24x7, their English news channel, is showing profile of our work through out the day today in most of their news.  

The programme narrates about the participatory approaches of water harvesting models we have been propagating at very low cost for drought proofing western Odisha.  It also shows the lobby and advocacy works we have been facilitating.

Hope you can find time to watch that and encourage us.

Thanks for all your love, support and good wishes which has helped us reach here.

With regards,

Ranjan Panda

Water Initiatives Odisha: Fighting water woes, combating climate change... more than two decades now!